Frequently Asked Questions

When will I pay for your service?

You have to pay 50% of the agreed amount in advance vis PayPal only. And the remaining after completion of your Capsim round.

Is Legitimate and legal?

Yes, it is purely legitimate and legal; you can take my services for your Capsim business simulations rounds and Comp-XM Rounds, and Board Queries.

Can I get the Capsim rounds Help immediately within 1 Hour?

Yes, you can get the services as soon as you hire me and I will do it within your decided timeline. Even within 1 hour, I am capable of providing the services, just discuss with me.

Is my payment and Credit/Debit card information 100% secure? doesn’t accept any Debit or Credit cards. The Only acceptable payment method is PayPal, so it is 100% safe, as you don’t put your personal Debit/Credit Card information on my website and you know PayPal is 100% safe and secure. If you don’t get what you want, you can get your money back with 0% risk.

Will I get a Refund, If, I will not be Satisfied with my Work?

If, you will not be satisfied with my work, you can take refund from me anytime. In addition, you are using PayPal; you can even take your money back by claiming PayPal. So you are 100% safe and double protected here.

Can You hire me for the whole simulation?

Yes, you can hire me for the whole simulation of 8 rounds or full Comp-XM Rounds

Can you hire me for Each Round?

Yes, you can hire me for each round as well, if not all rounds.

Is this website works 24 hours a day or are there any off hours?

This website works 24 hours a day, as this is my job to run this website and I am always availble to help you with your Capsim Rounds or Comp-XM

Are all my details confidential?

Your all details are kept confidential with website and I don’t share them with anyone in the world. I always protect my client’s privacy and information.

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