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About Me

Hi, Welcome to my Website. I am Rabia Faisal an Expert in Capsim Business Simulation who can help you to ace your decisions and make your company profitable among all the other competitors. I am a professional business strategist with four year in solving business strategy problems and assisting individuals Locally and internationally in developing the best strategies for their Capsim Business Round.

I am an experienced researcher/statistician who is an expert in Business simulation (Capsim Business Simulation and Comp-XM). Until now, I have helped various clients successfully understand Capsim simulation concepts and strategies. I will tutor you on how to make informed decisions in R&D, Marketing, Production, Finance, HR, and TQM.

My Services

This includes Capsim and Comp-XM help.

  • In Capsim, I will take you through all the 8 decisions rounds.
  • In Comp-XM, I will take you through all the four decision rounds and the five board queries. The four decisions entail six departments.

For each Round, I help you to take decisions for these departments.

  • R&D - I'll help you best position your products as per the industry conditions report(an ideal spot with offsets applied).
  • Marketing - Take through the pricing strategy and how much to spend in the Promotion and Sales budget in all rounds. This will help you hit 100% customer awareness and accessibility and hence your customer survey score. Finally, help you in making a sales forecast to avoid high inventory or stocking out.
  • Production - I'll help you make a good production schedule taking inventory into account and making plant improvements accordingly.
  • HR - Spending on recruitment and training.
  • TQM Initiatives - Best strategy to use in TQM.
  • Finance - How to fund your plant improvements.

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  • Capsim Round 1 Help
  • Capsim Round 4 Help
  • Capsim Round 7 Help
  • Comp-XM Help
  • Capsim Round 2 Help
  • Capsim Round 5 Help
  • Capsim Round 8 Help
  • Capsim Simulation Help
  • Capsim Round 3 Help
  • Capsim Round 6 Help
  • Comp-XM Board Query
  • Capsim Writing Help

I assist you with your Capsim Business Simulations, Comp-XM business games, and Round Analysis which will help you at both the individual and group levels of competition, to execute your rounds decisions falwlessly and remain one step ahead to your competitors.


My main purpose is to help my clients. So, I always charge very reasonable prices to them. My prices are always very competitive and low.

My prices depend on the amount of work and how much time taken it is!

I am always open to negotiate and discuss prices.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Legitimate and legal?

Yes, it is purely legitimate and legal; you can take my services for your Capsim business simulations rounds and Comp-XM Rounds, and Board Queries.

Can I get the Capsim rounds Help immediately within 1 Hour?

Yes, you can get the services as soon as you hire me and I will do it within your decided timeline. Even within 1 hour, I am capable of providing the services, just discuss with me.

Is my payment and Credit/Debit card information 100% secure? doesn’t accept any Debit or Credit cards. The Only acceptable payment method is PayPal, so it is 100% safe, as you don’t put your personal Debit/Credit Card information on my website and you know PayPal is 100% safe and secure. If you don’t get what you want, you can get your money back with 0% risk.

Will I get a Refund, If, I will not be Satisfied with my Work?

If, you will not be satisfied with my work, you can take refund from me anytime. In addition, you are using PayPal; you can even take your money back by claiming PayPal. So you are 100% safe and double protected here.

Can You hire me for the whole simulation?

Yes, you can hire me for the whole simulation of 8 rounds or full Comp-XM Rounds

Can you hire me for Each Round?

Yes, you can hire me for each round as well, if not all rounds.

Is this website works 24 hours a day or are there any off hours?

This website works 24 hours a day, as this is my job to run this website and I am always availble to help you with your Capsim Rounds or Comp-XM

Are all my details confidential?

Your all details are kept confidential with website and I don’t share them with anyone in the world. I always protect my client’s privacy and information.

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