Understand capsim business simulation completely! a 2024 detailed guide.

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understand capsim business simulation completely! a 2024 detailed guide.

What is Capsim Business Simulation?

Capsim is a popular business simulation tool for teaching and learning corporate management, strategy, and decision making. Capsim delivers customizable educational business simulations. In a simulated business environment, business students and corporate trainers can apply theoretical knowledge to real-world business scenarios. Business colleges and corporations utilize simulations to improve strategic thinking and business understanding.

Courses offered By Capsim.com 

There are so many famous courses that are being offered by the Capsim website. These courses normally include the Capsimcore, Capstone, Foundation, Global DNA, Comp-XM Final Exam, and CapsimInbox. 

Capsim Business Simulation Overview:

Here's an overview of how a typical Capsim simulation works:

Simulation Setup:

Instructors or participants select the specific Capsim simulation they want to use. There are various simulations available, each with a different focus, such as marketing, finance, or operations.

Company Selection:

There can be a maximum of 6 companies that can participate in each course of simulation; their names are Andrews, Baldwin, Chester, Digby, Erie, and Ferris. The instructor assigns each company to any individual or group.

Team Formation:

Participants are usually divided into teams, each acting as a company within the simulation. Teams will make various decisions and compete against each other.

Simulation Rounds:

The simulation has rounds, representing a business year or quarter. In each phase, teams decide critical company choices including pricing, product launches, finances, and more. Most courses have 8 rounds, but the Final Comp-XM exam has 4 decision rounds.


Teams base choices on market and financial facts. Such decisions affect the company's sales, earnings, market share, and other variables.

Competitive Environment:

Teams compete against each other for market share and financial success. The choices made by each team affect the overall market dynamics.

Feedback and Results:

Teams receive financial statements, market share, and other data after each round of the simulation. Teams can change their plans for the next round using this data.

Learning and Iteration:

Multiple rounds of the simulation allow players to learn from their mistakes, adapt their plans, and enhance their company's performance.

Functional Departments of Capsim

In Capsim simulations, participants make various department-level decisions to manage and run their virtual companies effectively. These decisions help shape the strategy, operations, and overall performance of the simulated business. Common department decisions in Capsim simulations may include:

Normally, there are 6 functional departments in every Capsim Simulation. These include the decisions for the following departments:

R & D decisions

In the R and D section of the Simulation, One has to decide which segment of the customers they want to target by manufacturing the product. They have to decide the performance and Size of the product offered and also decide its MTBF which is abbreviated as Mean Time Between Failure. You can add new products to your Capsim via the R & D section.

Marketing Decisions

In marketing, one has to decide the price; they want to charge for each product. One to decide the Promotion and sales budget for each of the products they are offering. You also make sales forecast, how much you think, your product will be sold in each segment you are targeting.

Production Decisions

After making a sales forecast, it is time; you manufacture your product and decide how much you will manufacture, and how many old units of inventory you are left with in previous rounds. In this department, you also decide the production capacity you need in the next rounds and also the automation level for the next rounds.

Human Resource Decisions

In the HR department, decisions related to human resource training, recruitment, and interviews are made. The company needs to invest greatly in your HR. Investment in HR always pays back to the company in terms of loyalty, commitment, and higher performance.

Total Quality Management

This section is very important and helps the company to take advantage of the new technologies which can help them in reducing material, labor, and other type of costs. There are so many new technologies that one company can take advantage of by investing in that technology.


You can raise capital by issuing long-term shares via equity option or taking out an interest-bearing loan to run the company smoothly. The corporation needs a positive cash balance at year's end to prevent emergency loans and shutdowns.


As a robust and extensively used business simulation tool, Capsim delivers an immersive and dynamic learning environment for people and teams to learn company management and strategy. Capsim's simulations allow business students and corporate trainers to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, make strategic decisions, and experience the consequences in a risk-free virtual business setting.

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