A complete guide about managing contribution margin: understand what contribution margin is and how to manage contribution margin in capsim simulation

Posted By Admin @ 30/09/23

a complete guide about managing contribution margin: understand what contribution margin is and how to manage contribution margin in capsim simulation

What is the Contribution Margin

Businesses measure product, service, and line profitability using contribution margin. It shows the revenue left after eliminating variable costs directly related to manufacturing or providing a product or service. It shows how much money is available to cover rent, salaries, and utilities and boost the company's profit.

The contribution margin matters for numerous reasons:

Profitability Analysis: It helps companies assess their products' profitability. High contribution margin products boost profitability and cover fixed costs.

Contribution margin informs pricing decisions for businesses. A product with a large contribution margin may be able to be priced higher while remaining profitable.

Cost Control: Reducing variable expenses can boost contribution margin and profitability.

Product Mix Optimization: Contribution margin analysis can help companies select higher-margin products and services.

Contribution margin helps firms make pricing, cost management, and product strategy decisions by revealing the profitability of individual products or services.

How to manage Contribution Margin in Capsim Simulations

There are two ways to manage your Contribution margin in Capsim. It depends on the company’s strategy in Capsim, and which strategy suits you. For example, if your company is following the differentiation strategy, it can increase the price and increase its contribution margin and if it is competing in a very competitive market and following the cost strategy, then you can lower your product cost by lowering MTBF which meaning is Mean Time Before Failure. In this blog, we discuss both these strategies in detail below:

1) Contribution Margin Strategy for companies following a differentiation strategy

If your company stands out, you can raise prices. Differentiating your goods or services through design, brand familiarity, and accessibility makes it appealing to buyers.

These distinctive traits can increase demand for your products or services, even if it means sacrificing some demand because some clients are willing to pay more for excellence and uniqueness.

Differentiating your goods or services from competitors means offering something unique to your customers. This could be through branding, creative features, or premium customer service. If clients think your product is better, they may pay more, increasing your profit margins. 

2) Contribution margin strategy for companies following Strategic Cost Leadership strategy:

If your organization uses cost leadership, you reduce material and labor expenses and offer competitive prices. Cost leaders usually sell low-priced products in their market segment.

Cost leadership frequently requires lowering the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), accepting slightly inferior product reliability, and presenting items as cheaper. Companies automate production to cut labor costs. This technique uses aggressive pricing to boost demand while preserving high profit margins due to low costs.

Cost leadership means becoming the most cost-efficient producer in your industry. By improving processes, streamlining production, and automating, you may provide competitive prices to price-sensitive clients. Careful cost control keeps you profitable despite decreasing prices.


In conclusion, your company's strengths and market conditions determine which strategy to use. Cost leadership emphasizes cost management and competitive pricing, while differentiation emphasizes premium offerings and higher prices. Both methods increase profit margins in various ways. In Capsim it is important to have a contribution margin over 30% if you want to earn a 1 star for your score calculation. If your contribution margin drops to 30%, you will not be awarded any Score in Capsim simulation.

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